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How to use Facebook friends Partner Categories

How to use Facebook friends Partner Categories How to use Facebook friends Partner Categories

Hey everybody and I’m going to tell you about Facebook friends Partner Categories.
Facebook hooked up with these three marketing firms to provide data about users online and offline activities. It’s pretty crazy and it’s going to allow you to really narrow down on the audience that you’re aiming for with your Facebook ads.
Keep in mind this is stuff that is happening off of Facebook yes they are watching, but don’t worry there is no privacy concerns or anything like that to worry about, they got that covered.

So basically it goes beyond the normal age, gender, location metrics that Facebook already had covered and it allows you to attack audiences by things like purchase history and job and lifestyle and all these really cool categories that you never thought possible.

So, here we are in the Facebook ad manager.
This is our Chief Videographer Joel’s Fan Page.
You want to get hooked up with Power Editor.
If you haven’t already it’s found over here on the left.
Inside of Power Editor you’re going to want to choose one of the ads Joel has already made an ad, so we will click on that.
Move down a little bit to the audience tab here.
The audience tab is going to open up and you’re going to be able to scroll down and you will see partner categories front and centre.
So open up that and there are the three marketing firms that Facebook hooked up with as of right now you can only pick one of the three so keep that in mind.
We’ll open up data logic and here ya go demographics, lifestyle, retail and all kinds of stuff to choose from we will go with lifestyles for this and DIYers, why not.
This seems like an ad that would benefit some DIYers
So we’ll go choose that one and you’ll come find it is added to the list of categories that we already made over here DIYers right there.
So, Facebook partner categories are this really cool new tool in your Facebook ad arsenal.
It’s worth taking advantage of.

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