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How to Report or Remove a Tag on Facebook

How to Report or Remove a Tag on Facebook

Today I’ll show you a way to manage tagged photos on Facebook.

If you’re tagged in a photo on Facebook, the first thing you might want to do is to check who this photo is shared with. First, click onto the photo. Then: Hover over the audience icon in the top right corner. This will tell you who the photo is shared with across Facebook. Remember: This means that the people that this photo is shared with can still see the photo in many other places on Facebook, EVEN if you’ve hidden that photo from your timeline.

Hiding that photo from your timeline does not change who can see the photo elsewhere on Facebook, such as in News Feed. If you don’t want this photo to be shared with other people on Facebook, the best thing to do is to tell the person who posted this phototo take it down.

First, Hover over the Facebook photo.

Click ‘Options’ near the bottom right corner. Select ‘Report / Remove Tag’ Select: I want the photo taken down. Then select why you’d like the photo taken down, and why you don’t like the photo.

You’ll then see a message that you can send to the person who posted the photo to have them remove the photo. You also have the option to untag yourself.
Click ‘Options’ near the bottom right corner. Click ‘Report / Remove Tag’. Select: I want to untag myself.

Thanks for taking the time to learn how to manage photo tags on Facebook.

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