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Facebook video calling

Facebook video calling

Creating New Ways for People to Communicate

Let’s face it. It’s often considered rude to call someone without notice in this age of texts and messaging. People are extremely busy and it takes a lot of effort to answer a call and deal with a conversation. Oftentimes people are in an environment where they can readily receive a text, but they can’t always take a call. Because of this, many turn to messaging sites where you can hook up with people on many different levels. This has worked well on Facebook, where people can follow each other, message, chat, and use different methods to stay in touch. In the past, one blank spot in the Facebook experience was Facebook video calling. For that, people had to stray to another source when it’s so much easier to keep it all in one place. However, without the option of video chat, people often had to turn to things like Skype or FaceTime.

Better Call Saul

With the use of Facebook video calling, a person can hook up quickly and easily without going back and forth between different platforms or devices. What a great way to keep in touch with friends, co-workers, and family! Have you ever seen a great post on Facebook and wanted to respond in person? Let’s say your best friend just got a new job and you want to congratulate them with a big, fat smile. That’s where you need a messenger video calling method to jump in when you know your friend is free and connect on a more personal level.
facebook video calling

Turning Messenger into multi-app platform

Since Facebook is expanding messenger’s functionality, it had to invent its own video communication infrastructure. While they’ve experimented with the concept before in partnership with Skype, this time they really delved into the technical details and invest its own time, money, and effort to make it fully successful.

Skype, Google hangouts and many others offer the same feature of video calling but what Facebook offers additional to its users is “video stabilization”. The product head of messenger Stan Chudnovsky says “the developers of Facebook focused on making video calls work well even on relatively low-bandwidth cell networks. In a demonstration, the quality of call was even good inside the building where we had only two connectivity bars on LTE.”

They’ve also managed the financial plans by saying that Messenger will not charge for audio or Facebook video calling, but rather will derive its profits from the Facebook news feed where ads will pay for the endeavor.

This functionality is currently available in the following 20 countries: the United States, The United Kingdom, Greece, Denmark, Poland, France, Croatia, Lithuania, Canada, Portugal, Ireland, Laos, Norway, Belgium, Uruguay Nigeria, Mexico, and Oman.

Simple as it should be

Facebook video calling
In order to start a Facebook video calling, it is easy to contact a friend by opening a chat window by clicking the icon of a camera in the top right corner of the window. If the friend isn’t able to receive the video call at the time, the icon will be ’greyed out’ and a message will tell you that the person is not available to take the call at that time.

Introducing Video Calling in Messenger

Who Can Call Me On Facebook?

This feature ensures safety and privacy of Facebook’s users. It only allows your friends to call you. You can even ignore calls at the time you are busy or you can simply turn off your chat in order to avoid calls.
Facebook messenger video calling appears to be a very smart feature. Audio calls were introduced through the app earlier and now this video calling feature is a straight forward addition of camera to our daily conversations. Moreover, it focuses on the quality of call and avoids addition of external disturbances and noises in the conversation.
Facebook’s addition of video calling into Messenger continues the company’s attempts to master the way people communicate. Messenger possesses over 600 million active monthly users, a figure which will definitely increase in future because of its desktop version and video calling feature. It has also introduced a new android app “HELLO” that acts as a contact manager.

Can I Use Messenger And Video Chat At The Same Time?
You can easily use Facebook and video calling both at the same time.

So uh…what about the quality?

Current technology will allow for the versatility required to provide call quality based on the many variables the different users have and to allow for user flexibility to adjust to issues that may arise. For example, Messenger allows one user to turn off their video feed to improve the quality for the other caller. This allows people to adjust if it is necessary to prioritize or share the screen to increase bandwidth.

Is There A Desktop Version For This Feature?

Yes, the following feature is available in desktop version too and it works well with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.
If you want to uninstall this video calling plug-in from your desktop simply go to the control panel and choose Facebook Video Calling Plug-in from the list of programs and select Uninstall.

Final thoughts: How to Reduce data usage?

Finally, Facebook users do have ways to disable certain features to save them from overage charges from data usage. That is another factor that comes into play with this new feature. Obviously, individuals can choose whether or not to receive a video message and this may not be an insult to the person, but rather an attempt to balance one’s own budget!

Facebook Conversations


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