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Status updates Facebook tutorial

Status updates Facebook tutorial

Sharing things on Facebook is one of the most important things that you can do. This is how you communicate to other people in a public fashion and also how you start to chronicle your digital life. The most basic form of sharing on Facebook is something called the Status Update, and in this is the basic ways in which you can update your status.

Now a status message could be as simple as “I’m going to the bank,” or it could be as complex as a full blog post. Whatever it is, you can use Facebook to broadcast your thoughts at any given moment to the world. You’ll notice when you’re on the News Feed tab that you have this big status update window at the top. This allows you to say exactly what it says, what’s on your mind? So for instance, if I wanted to type out what I’m doing right now, I could say, I’m recording a course for lynda.com. You’ll also see that I get this pop up indicating I am allowed to tag other people in this post as well.

Now I’m going to be explaining tagging a little bit later, but just know that, let’s say that my wife or my cousin or someone was sitting next to me here, and I had them as a friend on Facebook, I could actually click this button and add them to this post, indicating that they are indeed with me in the booth or with me wherever I happen to be. In this case I’m just going to hit OK, because I don’t really want to do that. You’ll also notice that it tells me that I can add a location to my post as well. This is going to base off your current location, it’s going to use various settings via the internet to determine where you are in the world, and so you can add your current location to this. I’m going to choose Don’t Add my Location for now. You’ll also notice that I have the ability to Control privacy on this post, so right now it’s a Public Post, and let me hit Done so you can actually see what’s going on. If I click here, I get Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom, and then I also have some little lists down here, Close Friends, Family, and I can go view all of my lists.

We’ll discuss forming these lists a little bit later, but for now, just know that these are extra ways that you can curate who get to see what on Facebook. For now though, I’m going to leave this as a Public facing Post. I could restrict it to only my Friends, or let’s say that I’m just leaving a note for myself, I could say Only Me, I’m the only one that’s allowed to see this, but in most cases you’re going to want this to be Public, I would think. When you’re ready to post the status update, simply click Post.

The people who have added you as a friend or have subscribed to your profile will automatically see this in their News Feed, and so you can see here that “I’m recording a course for lynda.com” now shows up. It tells me how long ago I posted this, I can also, if I was looking at this from someone else’s perspective, I could Like it, I could Comment on it, or I could Re-Share it on my own profile if I wanted to. If you’re unhappy with your status update, you can always click this X right here and the post will be deleted. Facebook will come up and ask you, are you sure that you want to delete this post. Clicking Delete will remove it from your timeline forever, clicking Cancel returns you to Facebook and allows you to keep the status message.

If you’re not on the Facebook News Feed tab, that’s okay, you can still post status updates from a lot of different ways on Facebook. For instance, if I’m viewing my timeline, the first box on your timeline is always dedicated to Sharing, so this box here, I can post Status updates, share Photos, check into Places, and add Life Events as well. So if I wanted to add another status update here, all I have to do is come down, click in the box, and type it out. Once I type that out, I click Post, and it has been added to my timeline. As I said before, sharing things on Facebook is the way that you put your ideas out there, and the way that you get conversation started. It’s a social network, so be social. Say what’s on your mind, put some things out there, and see what kind of conversations you come up with.

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