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Facebook Security – Facebook Chat

Facebook Security - Facebook Chat

There are also options to use chat on Facebook; it’s called Facebook Chat. If you notice in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, there will be a button that says chat. If you click on it, a list of your friends will come up. People that are in your list can see you chatting anytime you want.
At the top you will notice people will be writing on their webpage what they’re doing, posting pictures, and things of that nature. At the bottom you will notice a list of people, that you can chat with. Anybody with a green button next to their name knows that you are available and you can chat with them.
Anybody with this icon can chat with you on their cellular phones. Also if you drag this menu bar down you’ll notice other people that are online because they are “More Online Friends” and all these people can see that you’re online at the same time as well.

Now, suppose you don’t want specific people to see you, or suppose you don’t want to talk to certain people. You can click on this icon, and it will bring up these three menu items, saying you’re available to chat or not. If you unclick available chat, nobody will know that you are available to chat.

If you are unavailable to chat, you might still want to chat with certain people, so you have to let them know they are available, by clicking that button there.
Now, suppose there are only certain people you want to talk to; you can limit your availability. You can only be available to certain people that are in your groups, by clicking on these buttons. Also, you can be available to only certain people. So, if you want to be unavailable to these people, you can click on these menu buttons as well.

Finally, you can turn chat sounds on; you can turn chat sounds off. That does it for that icon. However suppose there’s somebody looking for to be available online, but you can’t quite find them in the list. If you type in their name, it will show you whether or not they are available on this list. But, other people you might be looking for, if you type in there, it will say the friend is not found.

The final option you have for Facebook Chat is this icon here. Suppose you don’t want to talk to anybody, and suppose you’re tired of seeing people pop off Facebook. And suppose you don’t want to see these pictures and what they’re doing any given time. You can click on the button and this will get rid of the chat sidebar altogether, and bring us back to where we started.

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