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Facebook photo – How to UnTag Yourself?

How to UnTag Yourself

Facebook photo – Bad look

Someone posted a Facebook photo of you. You don’t like how you look on a friend’s Facebook photo. Delete tag of yourself easily by untagging your name from it. Follow these simply steps and do it right now.

First steps

Open Your Favorite browser. Go to Log in to the Facebook Home Page with the Email Address and

Password that you Registered with. Click “Your name” in the Upper Right Corner to go to your Facebook Profile. Click “Photos” in the Menu bar. Then Click on the “Photos of you” Page to see all the Photos that you are Tagged in. Open the Facebook photo You want to untag by Clicking on it. Click on the Options Button under the Facebook Photo. Select “Report or Remove Tag”. A Pop up Window will Open Asking “What would you like to happen”. Select the Check box “I want to Untag myself” and Click “Remove tag” Button to untag yourself From the Facebook Photo. Return to Your Profile and Click “Photos” Again.

facebook photo

This Time Scroll Down the Page to the Section Entitled “Photos of You”. These are Facebook Photos that your Friends Posted to Facebook and in which You are Tagged in. Click on a Facebook Photo to Open the Large Version and Click “Remove” to Untag Yourself in Your Friend’s Facebook Photo.

 Ask before you tag

Tip: Next time, when you want to tag your friends in a photo that you upload, be careful and first consult with them if that’s all right with them. Next time maybe they will ask you also, considering on your privacy or state of your look in a photo.

This is how you can untag yourself in a facebook photo. We hope that this was helpful article. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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