Facebook Home application installation

So what exactly is Home? You can think of it as a new skin for your phone that brings a lot of Facebook features right up front. For example as soon as you unlock your phone you’ll see a stream of pictures from your Facebook feed and you can immediately start scrolling through them to see what’s up. You can Like by double tapping anywhere on the screen which is actually kind of fun to play with. When you’re ready to unlock your phone you’ll find your profile picture as a little bubble.
You can drag left to open Messenger, up to go into your apps and right to open the last app you had running. If you use a passcode lock on your phone beware though, with the default settings anyone can like and comment before fully unlocking the phone and the integration is a bit half-baked for now. Unlike normal Android the app view is still extremely simple with a list of pages where you can organize apps however widgets aren’t supported yet.
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