Make facebook friends

How to make facebook friends and market your business sucefuly? You got to make friends on facebook just like in real life. Real information’s, real photos of you traveling etc. Friends shouldn’t be just a number on facebook.
The point is to build real facebook page. Big part of the reason why are people on facebook is because they want to promote their business. But that doesn’t’ mean that they are coming to facebook only to sell their stuff around. No, they want to present them self’s as a nice likeable people who have successful internet business, so anyone who comes to their profile looking for career changes or interested in home business is going to see info, what there are working for, their web site and maybe learn more. That’s basically what we all are doing on facebook. Put your information’s and let people do what they want.

Facebook photo – How to UnTag Yourself?

Facebook photo – Bad look

Someone posted a Facebook photo of you. You don’t like how you look on a friend’s Facebook photo. Delete tag of yourself easily by untagging your name from it. Follow these simply steps and do it right now.

First steps

Open Your Favorite browser. Go to Log in to the Facebook Home Page with the Email Address and

Password that you Registered with. Click “Your name” in the Upper Right Corner to go to your Facebook Profile. Click “Photos” in the Menu bar. Then Click on the “Photos of you” Page to see all the Photos that you are Tagged in. Open the Facebook photo You want to untag by Clicking on it. Click on the Options Button under the Facebook Photo. Select “Report or Remove Tag”. A Pop up Window will Open Asking “What would you like to happen”. Select the Check box “I want to Untag myself” and Click “Remove tag” Button to untag yourself From the Facebook Photo. Return to Your Profile and Click “Photos” Again.

facebook photo

This Time Scroll Down the Page to the Section Entitled “Photos of You”. These are Facebook Photos that your Friends Posted to Facebook and in which You are Tagged in. Click on a Facebook Photo to Open the Large Version and Click “Remove” to Untag Yourself in Your Friend’s Facebook Photo.

 Ask before you tag

Tip: Next time, when you want to tag your friends in a photo that you upload, be careful and first consult with them if that’s all right with them. Next time maybe they will ask you also, considering on your privacy or state of your look in a photo.

This is how you can untag yourself in a facebook photo. We hope that this was helpful article. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.


Facebook friends list – How to hide it

You’re trying to figure out a way to hide your Facebook friends list? Really that’s a good thing to protect your privacy as much as you can on the internet. Now in this text, not only am I going to show you how to hide your Facebook friends list, but how to really customize the setting to grant access to certain people. Stay tuned.

Follow the steps

Ok, to hide that Facebook friends list on the first thing that you need to do is login to, get to your profile, and then mouse down right there where it says Friends, hopefully you have more than one friend, which I know you do, you’re very popular.
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Facebook Games and Apps – How To Block Forever

One of the most annoying things about Facebook is when you log in to your Facebook account to connect with your friends and to really see what’s going on in the world. And you hear this Facebook notification alert, ugh! And you shutter because you know what it is, it’s a Facebook games invites or an app request from one of your so-called “Facebook friends”. Well, in this text I’m going to explain you how to block those Facebook games invites and requests forever. Plus I’m going to show you how to automatically ignore all invites from a specific so-called friend.

Easy solutions

Are you ready to learn how to stop those Facebook games requests and those stupid Facebook games notifications from showing up in your Facebook account?
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Facebook business page and how to create

So you’re looking to create a Facebook business page? Now there are many reasons why you’d want to do that. It might be for your business, it could be for a product or service, it could even be for your band, yeah, you probably have a rockin’ band, right? Or it could even be, you know, because people like your cat. Whatever the reason why you’re creating a page, I’m going to show you how easy it is to create that Facebook business page.

Step by step

Now it’s super easy to create this Facebook business page. Now the first thing that you need to do is to open your favourite browser and you want to type in and hit enter. And you’ll see button in upper right corner, Create page, go ahead and click that.
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Facebook Account – How to Sign Up?

Do you want to create a new Facebook account? If so, follow these steps:

When you open your favorite Web browser, go to On the right-hand side of the page, under “Sign Up”, type in your First and Last Name. Below it enter your Email address. Then enter your Email address again.  Enter a Password, and be careful, it must contain at least six characters (letters, numbers and punctuation marks). Add your Birthday into drop-down menu. Select your gender. Click on the green “Sign up” button.

Enter your Email address and Password to see if some of your friends are already having their own Facebook account. You can skip this step if you want. A Pop up window will open. Click the Skip button again to continue.
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Facebook Home application installation

So what exactly is Home? You can think of it as a new skin for your phone that brings a lot of Facebook features right up front. For example as soon as you unlock your phone you’ll see a stream of pictures from your Facebook feed and you can immediately start scrolling through them to see what’s up. You can Like by double tapping anywhere on the screen which is actually kind of fun to play with. When you’re ready to unlock your phone you’ll find your profile picture as a little bubble.
You can drag left to open Messenger, up to go into your apps and right to open the last app you had running. If you use a passcode lock on your phone beware though, with the default settings anyone can like and comment before fully unlocking the phone and the integration is a bit half-baked for now. Unlike normal Android the app view is still extremely simple with a list of pages where you can organize apps however widgets aren’t supported yet.
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Why to Differentiate Facebook Friends From Acquaintances

Why is it important to differentiate between friendships and acquaintances?
I went through this recently. So I realized recently that I use the word friend too loosely. “Yeah, I’m friends with him… yeah, yeah; he’s a friend of mine.”
Right? And the reality is I call a lot of people Facebook friends who aren’t my friend. And you know, I have 2500 or 2300, who knows, “friends” on Facebook. They’re not my friends. They’re nice people, I like them, I think – if I met them, I don’t know I haven’t met most of them – but we clearly share common interests which is why we became Facebook friends on Facebook and that’s good, but they’re not my friends.
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Facebook Security – Facebook Chat

There are also options to use chat on Facebook; it’s called Facebook Chat. If you notice in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, there will be a button that says chat. If you click on it, a list of your friends will come up. People that are in your list can see you chatting anytime you want.
At the top you will notice people will be writing on their webpage what they’re doing, posting pictures, and things of that nature. At the bottom you will notice a list of people, that you can chat with. Anybody with a green button next to their name knows that you are available and you can chat with them.
Anybody with this icon can chat with you on their cellular phones. Also if you drag this menu bar down you’ll notice other people that are online because they are “More Online Friends” and all these people can see that you’re online at the same time as well.
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Facebook account How to – Navigate through Your Facebook Account

I’m going to give you a tour of the different parts of the Facebook account interface and some tips for navigating the application.

We’ll be looking at each individual feature throughout the course, but this post is designed to help you get you’re bearings.

At the top of every Facebook page, you will see this blue bar. Clicking on the Facebook logo always takes you back to this homepage. You can also hover your mouse over these different icons, and a tooltip will appear so you’ll understand what the button does, so this button takes me to my friend requests. This buttons here takes me to my private messages.
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Sign up for Facebook How To

Sign up for Facebook is easy. All you need is a valid email address.

So to sign up for Facebook just open your web browser. You can use any web browser and just navigate to This is the home screen here.

If you already have an account, this is where you’ll come to login. You’ll just enter your Email address and your Password and click Login, but to create a new Facebook account, we’ll go down to this section where it says Sign Up for Facebook. So enter your First Name and Last Name and this should be your real name, because this is the name people will use when they try to find you. Then enter a valid Email address and this is the email address where all of your notifications about Facebook in your account confirmation are going to come.
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